Tell your story via emails

that ultimately stack serious cash

Step into the spotlight with emails that refuse to be ignored

You’re craving email copy that stands out in a crowded inbox. 

But right now? You’re hitting send on that email and getting a whole lot of nothing back in return. No replies. Few clicks. Barely any sales. (Bueller? Bueller? Is anybody even reading these?!)

You’ve been told that the money’s in the list. More subscribers = more $$$, right?

Here’s the truth … 

Making bank with email takes more than a ConvertKit account and a list of subscribers. You need a relationship with your list. The kind of relationship that makes them open instantly when they see your name, no matter how crazy their inbox gets.  

Even though you’ve had lots of happy clients and have a stack of glowing testimonials to prove it, it still feels hard to convey your value via email.

I get it. You’re a podcast-loving, black coffee–fueled entrepreneur who’s ready to finally get high-converting emails that sound like you wrote them without spending hours staring at a blank Google Doc.

Email strategy + copy that turns idle subscribers into brand devotees

I deliver carefully crafted email copy so you can finally:


  • Get more responses from subscribers (like “This was exactly the message I needed to hear today!”)
  • See your open rates go up and your email list paying off
  • Serve way more people on a more personal level … while getting wildly higher sales
  • Become the go-to person in your niche that clients and students can’t stop talking about

My welcome email open rates are up 15%! I couldn’t be happier with the work Sarah did on my emails. I’ve worked with her multiple times and she always hits it out of the ballpark!

Sue Dunlevie

Blogging Coach

Love your list in 2 ways


Even though you know email is important, you’re frustrated because *honestly* you still don’t know …

“What’s a good email open rate?”

I’m about to reveal: 

  • What open rate % you SHOULD be aiming for (compared to others in the industry)
  • The subject lines that’ll actually get higher opens 
  • A simple method to skyrocket open rates that almost everyone forgets

Find these 5 main methods all within my Open Rate Booster Checklist.


I’ll do all the heavy lifting and deliver story-driven, high-persuasion emails that sound like you wrote ’em. (No really, your biz bestie will think they’re by you.) 

Send irresistible emails your subscribers can’t help but open (and buy from). 

I’ve got it covered — whether you need copy for your welcome sequence or a launch of your newest group program, membership, or course. 

You get to focus on your passion — serving your audience. 

Book a spot on my calendar to get started!

Hey there! I’m Sarah

I write emails that delight your subscribers (and bring you the dough)


I help ambitious entrepreneurs go from stressing over what to send to your email list to having powerful emails lifted off your shoulders. 

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a bundle of conversion-focused emails perfectly matched to your brand voice.  

When the time came in my business to invest in email copywriting, I KNEW Sarah was the right person for the job. Her work is consistently exceptional. She really gets my voice, my brand, and my audience, and everything she creates resonates with my clients.

Lee Chaix McDonough

Founder of Coach with Clarity®

Snap up Sarah while she’s still available for hire! She knows launches, emails and sales pages. Plus you get to work with someone who delivers quality, conversion-ready copy on time … and she’s fun to work with!

Tarzan Kay

Launch Strategist and Copy Expert

Get more subscribers opening every time you hit send

Amp up your open rates with 5 simple tips to get more eyeballs on your emails

Grab the Open Rate Booster Checklist to learn what’s a good open rate and how to make yours even better. Stop second-guessing your open rate and start confidently emailing your list!

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