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Affiliate marketing — the ultimate form of passive income. You recommend products and services you love and make a commission just for sharing your opinions. It’s easy to get started and once you start seeing those payments deposited in your PayPal account you won’t want to stop.

If you have an email list, you can absolutely use it to promote affiliate offers and make sales. Your subscribers already know you, like you, and trust your opinion, which makes them the perfect audience.

Here are a few tips for making the most out of your affiliate promos to your list:

1: Sign up for an email service that allows you to send affiliate links

This may surprise you, but some email services don’t allow affiliate links. They may restrict all affiliate links or limit the number you can include in one email. You’ll usually find the specifics buried deep in the terms & conditions you agreed to when you signed up.

That’s definitely going to be a problem if you want to make affiliate marketing a regular thing in your business. Check your specific service’s rules to make sure you’re allowed to include affiliate links.


2: Email your list regularly

If you want to be able to use your email list to share your latest content, promote your products/services, and share affiliate offers, you’re going to need to email more than once a month.

Email your list frequently so you can make different offers. One week you might share a new blog post. Next, you could write an email about why you love Acuity. After that, you might promote your new coaching program that just opened.

Each call to action needs to have its own email, so you’ll probably end up emailing your list at least once a week to share a mix of offers and content.


3: Join several affiliate programs for variety

Your list will get tired of you pushing the same affiliate offer week after week. They might not be interested in ConvertKit, but they might hear about how you use FreshBooks and think, “That’s exactly what I need!”

Sign up for lots of different affiliate programs so you can switch up what you share with your list.

Now there’s a caveat here. Don’t sign up for EVERY affiliate program you can find. You don’t want to recommend crappy products just for the commission because eventually your list won’t trust your opinion.

Instead, stick to things you use, love, and would recommend.


4: Set up content upgrades and sequences for your main affiliate offers

You can automate your email marketing to make your passive affiliate income even more passive. Once you set up the funnel, all you have to do is promote the content and let the emails take it from there.

You can see an example of this with my ConvertKit review post. I have a specific content upgrade and follow up sequence filled with all the reasons I love ConvertKit.

To keep these posts going out and getting seen, you can use schedulers like SmarterQueue and Tailwind to stay at the top of your social feeds.


Those are a few of my best tips. If you want even more tips for affiliate marketing, check out The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

This is a masterclass from one of ConvertKit’s top 25 affiliates all about how she earns $1500+ in recurring income each month — without putting in tons of effort.

I went through this training last week and already have tons of ideas for creating more affiliate income. You’ll definitely gain some valuable insights to help you increase your affiliate revenue too. Sign up here to start making more affiliate sales!

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