Hey! I’m Sarah. I’m here to help you get more sales through email marketing.

Right now your email marketing strategy is scattered. You email your list at random (or not at all) and you’re not seeing the results you want. Sad open rates, low click-throughs, and few sales to show for it.

You’ve tested and proven your skills, but you don’t know what to say to convey your value. You may have a large list, but you still struggle with conversions.

“This makes me want to buy my own program!”  ← A client’s reaction to first drafts 

You know the work you do is valuable, but you need someone to really spotlight the points that speak to your ideal clients.

I work with businesses who want conversion focused emails that build relationships with subscribers, give tons of value, and convert into sales.

My clients want to:

  • Warm up leads and build a relationship with the people interested in their brand
  • Automate their email marketing and free up time to focus on other parts of business
  • Stop collecting subscribers and start leveraging their list
  • Delight people with useful emails their subscribers actually look forward to opening  (one client saw a 15% increase in opens)
  • Ditch the cycle of sending pitch emails only when they have something for sale and ignoring their list otherwise

I believe that building a relationship with your list is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your marketing. That’s why I create email copy that warm up leads and turn subscribers into buyers.

If you’re looking to get more value with every email you send, let’s talk.

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More about me

I’m multi-passionate, which made picking a career path tough. At different points in my life I wanted to be a novelist, a Pilates instructor, an accountant, an artist, a librarian, an ASL interpreter, and a blogger. I finally settled on entrepreneur, which has a little bit of everything.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with an Etsy shop selling hand dyed yarns. Yes, yarn.

I loved it – at first. But soon I realized the business I was building wasn’t in line with my goals. I wanted the freedom to travel and work from anywhere. Being tied to a physical inventory and making each product by hand didn’t fit with that vision.

I wanted to do something different and copywriting was the answer. Writing email copy helped me combine my passion for writing with my passion for online business to create that dream of working anywhere my computer could take me.

I started copywriting in 2015 and transitioned into full time freelance writing in 2016. Now I get to help others grow their businesses while putting my B.A. in English Writing to good use.

I still play with yarn in my spare time. My favorite way to unwind is with Netflix and knitting. I also love to bake and live in the suburbs of Denver, CO.

Now that you know more about me, I want to know about you!

Contact me below to tell me about your project and talk about your email marketing strategy.

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