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Looking over my bookkeeping for the year, there’s a few expenses that stand out. These are the ones that were good buys. The ones I’m happy to pay for. They’re the ones I would buy again and recommend.

Looking back at my books for the year, a few expenses stand out — in a good way.

These are the purchases that didn’t disappoint. The ones I’m happy to pay for each month because they help me grow my business. They’re the ones I would buy again without hesitation.

Here are a few things I genuinely loved this year and highly recommend. Check them out!

Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

I bought this course on a whim last month and I’ve already made back what I spent with new affiliate sales. Elizabeth shares some amazing tips in this mini training that you can put into practice right away. You don’t need a big list to start seeing results either. If you’re looking to add affiliate income to your business in 2018, I recommend you check out this course!

Divi Theme from Elegant Themes

Last year I made the switch to Divi and now I love my website. It’s so easy to update and I can make it look exactly how I want. It’s a visual builder, which makes designing your site very intuitive (even if you have zero design skills). Divi is also mobile responsive — so important! My last theme looked like garbage on a phone, but now my site looks beautiful on any size screen.

Divi’s also saving me money. Since it lets me build landing pages on my own site, I don’t have to pay for another software like LeadPages. This year I upgraded my subscription to the lifetime option because I know I’m staying with Divi for the long haul.

If you’re looking for a DIY website option that doesn’t look like you did it yourself, take a look at Divi!


This one probably doesn’t surprise you, because I’m always talking about how much I love ConvertKit! In 2017, email marketing became a major part of my business. It’s not only what I do for clients, but it’s also the main way I market my own services.

Having a tool that makes all of that easy to do has been priceless. I’ve seen a huge ROI from my email marketing this year. If you’re looking to do more advanced segmenting or anything more complex than a weekly newsletter, ConvertKit is worth a look.

Since I started my business, I’ve used Mailchimp, MailerLite, and ConvertKit. (Read my comparison review here). But I’ve finally found a service that works for me. Last month I upgraded my account to an annual subscription because I’m not moving my list again.

(If you need some help figuring out the tech side of things, check out ConvertKit Club for step by step tutorials for all things ConvertKit. It’ll get you up and running on ConvertKit in no time!)


I’m a recent convert to Acuity. I wanted clients to be able to book time with me and pay in one step. Calendly’s free plan didn’t offer that.

I signed up for a free trial of Acuity and loved it. Once I saw how easy it was to streamline my client booking process I was sold. (They also had one of the best welcome emails I’ve seen from a SaaS company.) Anything that makes it easier to get paid is a win in my book!

What’s your best buy this year? Leave a comment and tell me what you bought for your business this year that you can’t live without.

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