Start sending better emails today

The kind that get subscribers opening up, clicking through, and pulling out their credit card.

It doesn’t have to take a long time to make a difference. A few hours can do wonders for your email marketing efforts. Let’s take your biggest email problem and tackle it in a day or two of live copywriting.


Here’s how it works:

Book a Full Day of Copywriting (6 hours)


Here’s how it works:


Before your scheduled time, you complete an intake questionnaire to tell me about your business, your clients/customers, and your goals for the project. You’ll also share any relevant research you have. This way we both start the day on the same page and ready to dive in.

Kick off

We start the day with a kickoff call to go over your intake info and your goals for the day. You share any additional information I’ll need to complete the project.

Writing Time

After our call, I get to work on the project. Depending on what we’ve decided on this step may include research, strategizing, outlining, drafting, and/or optimizing existing copy. I’ll check in midday with an update on the progress.


Wrap Up

At the end of the day, we wrap up with another call to go over the work. We’ll have a live round of revisions on the call and get your emails ready to send.

Booking a time-based package is an affordable option to work with me if you can’t hire me to take on the whole funnel. 

It’s also a quicker way to get on my calendar. I usually have a bit of a waitlist for larger projects, but day rates are more flexible.

Want to know what we can get done in a day? Here are a few ideas of what we can accomplish in 6 hours:

  • Plan all the emails for your onboarding/launch sequence: what goes into them, when to send them, and write a few key ones (like cart open/close)
  • Outline the emails for a PLF style launch and write a few of the show-up/closing emails
  • Create a strategy for segmenting subscribers, how you’ll follow up with them, and write a few segmenting emails
  • Plan out your evergreen sales funnel and outline all the emails you’ll need in your funnels

Book a Full Day of Copywriting (6 hours)


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