Welcome back! Today we’re tackling Part 2 of Denise DT’s Money Breakthrough email launch.

Catch up with Part 1 here.

At this point in the launch, the cart is open and we’re moving towards the final day of the promotion. There’s also a post-launch bonus offer coming up!

Let’s jump back in!

Email #11: Why this just makes sense

Here comes the FAQ email, and it’s huge! This email comes in just shy of 3000 words, making it longer than some sales pages I’ve seen.

(Since it’s so long, I’ve cropped the main message of the email and put the full email next to it to show the length of the original email.)

The email is really two parts. In the main body of the email, Denise compares this offer to the many other courses and coaching options out there to show how Money Breakthrough is different. She speaks to the results students have had and drops a major credibility bomb.  Unlike many courses that seem to come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly, Denise’s course has been running for 7 years. She’s also had over 5000 graduates. It’s powerful social proof that many others have come before.

She also talks about how your progress compares to other courses and brings up a problem many students have. I know I’ve joined and not finished more courses than I’d like to admit. But Denise’s whole approach is different. There’s no falling behind, just tons of support for you wherever you’re at.

After the main email, we transition into the FAQs. FAQs are almost always the longest in a sequence, but this may be the longest one I’ve seen yet! But it is covering questions for 3 courses and it’s a higher price tag. Don’t be afraid to send long emails if the copy’s needed to help someone make a decision.

She offers the chance to join earlier in the email, but includes the FAQ for anyone that still has questions. The FAQ includes links to join throughout, covers basic questions about what’s included, how the live round works, costs, payment plans, and the guarantee.

Email #12: 24 hour notice…. #Realtalk

This subject line is totally accurate — Denise gets real. Not only does she share the real story of how she got where she is now, but she shares a hard truth. Not everyone makes it.

Denise also lets us in on her struggles and all the times she’s wanted to give up over the years. She’s showing that it wasn’t easy or quick to get where she is now. It’s the opposite of positioning a course as a quick way to get results. But it makes it believable. If her story was too good to be true, people would be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

This email is also a great example of using emotion in sales. People buy based on emotion, not logic. They use logic to justify the decision, but the decision was made on a subconscious level.

Denise uses an emotional story to pull you in, then switches to logic to help your brain justify it. She shares her background to prove she’s qualified to help and points to her 5000 members as proof. The testimonials in the P.S. lead even more credibility to her claim that this stuff works for others, so it can work for you too.

Email #13: Why now?

It’s the final day of the launch and this is the first of 4 emails we get on closing day. This one starts with a great simple subject line. It’s short (which stands out in the inbox) and asks a question (which is a great way to get opens).

This email calls out the big excuse a lot of buyers have: “I’ll join next time.” Denise makes the case for joining now. Instead of painting some grim picture of what will happen, she just highlights what they’re already experiencing. They’re already blocked. They already feel guilty about money. They already struggle to raise their prices. It’s agitating the pain they already feel and giving them a choice. Do you want more of the same or something different?

Email #14: From 42 to thousands… and you?

This email goes back to the very beginning to show how this course has evolved over the years. It’s continued to grow because it works! Denise highlights a few more success stories from students and shares another testimonial. It’s a great strategy when you have such a large community that loves your work. Use them to help you show others what the course can do and how it can transform their lives. Other people sharing how awesome your course is carries a lot more weight than when you say it!

Email #15: Your Term 1 Enrollment (time-sensitive)

The last few emails are shorter reminders that enrollment is closing. This one includes a countdown timer to up the urgency. She highlights all the reasons to join now and warns us that once the doors close they won’t reopen until July. There’s lot of links in this email, but they’re all pointing to the sales page. That’s the only place you should be sending traffic at this point in a launch.  

Email #16: Still time… just

The final closing email is also heavy on the time urgency. Denise is a launching veteran, so she knows that 40-60% of sales come on the final day of the launch. If you’re new to launching, 4 emails in a day might seem like overkill. But there are plenty of people who’ve been following your launch but just haven’t made a decision yet. Don’t count them out yet!

Denise uses this email to summarize what’s included in the offer, highlight the generous payment plan, and share the refund policy to remove any risk. If you’ve been on the fence, having an affordable payment and a guarantee is exactly what you need to give it a try.  

Email #17: Just for you …

The course closed on Thursday, but on Saturday we hear from Denise again. Since we missed out on the 3 course package, she’s extending an offer to join the live round of Money Bootcamp.

The P.S. of the email makes the offer feel more exclusive. They may only be offering it to a portion of her list based on actions during launch (signed up for webinar, opened, clicked, etc.). If you’ve got a launch with a downsell planned, track these points of data during the launch to make sure your second offer is going out to the best segment of your audience.

Email #18: Bootcamp only offer (3 hours left)

We get one more email with our last chance to join this round of Money Bootcamp. It’s a super chill short email with just one link. At this point, people have seen the whole launch and probably know whether they want in or not. It’s fine to keep it simple, especially for this quick weekend offer.

Final thoughts

After going through those emails, it’s clear why Denise’s course have continued to sell even after 7 years — this money mindset stuff works! The student testimonials are such a powerful demonstration of the value she offers. She knows these results speak volumes.

Want emails like this for your next launch? Get in touch here and we’ll make it happen!

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Now I’d love to hear from you.

What are your biggest takeaways from this email teardown? Any lessons you’ll be using in your own emails?

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