Welcome to another email teardown!

These posts give you an inside peek into what’s happening in email today. We’ll be looking at email funnels from top marketers, breaking down each email, and analyzing what’s going on with the copy and strategy.

Today we’re switching gears from launch emails and taking a look at Marie Forleo’s welcome sequence.

Well, actually… it’s just one welcome email.

Even though she’s one of the OGs in online business, Marie doesn’t have a welcome sequence.


Let’s get into it.

When you sign up for Marie’s main opt-in on her site, you get this welcome email:


Email #1: You’re amazing!

There’s a lot of great stuff going on in this email. Let’s break it down:

Marie starts by welcoming you in and setting up expectations. She shares how often she’ll email and what she’ll send.

This is a great way to kick off your welcome email. Letting subscribers know what they’ve signed up for is so important. It will also cut down on people complaining that you email too much if you let them know upfront exactly what to expect.

You can do it like Marie does here:

She shows that she understands her subscribers — they’re super busy and their inboxes are packed! Marie assures that she’ll only email with the important stuff.

Next, Marie shares some valuable resources. She’s got an audio training, a video talk that she did for Oprah (holy credibility bomb!), and an archive of hundreds of episodes of MarieTV to watch.

This email is packed with value. Marie’s giving everything she’s got and not asking for anything in return. This sets up a great dynamic with a new subscriber and starts to build the know, like, trust factor from email #1.  

Another thing that’s really well done in this email is the instructions. Marie tells you exactly how to download and access the free resources. It’s a little detail that’s often overlooked, which can lead to frustration when your new subscriber can’t access the cool thing you promised.

The whole email has a friendly tone, but you really feel it in the sign off. It feels like your new friend Marie is genuinely excited to have you here and that she’s eager to support you. Marie encourages new subscribers to ask for anything they need by hitting reply. Asking subscribers to email you is a great way to spark engagement.

Marie ends with a P.S. that invites you over to her social media channels and shares another link to episodes of MarieTV.  

After this welcome email, you get added to Marie’s regular list, which includes her weekly emails on Tuesday. The next email I get from Marie is about the latest episode of MarieTV.

So what gives? Why doesn’t Marie Forleo follow the email “rules” of nurturing with a sequence?

I have a few theories.

#1: She’s THE Marie Forleo.

At this point, Marie’s reputation precedes her and she’s got a ton of credibility already. She’s at the point that she doesn’t need a full email sequence to tell her story, introduce you to her world, and transition you into her weekly emails. She’s able to do that by dropping the links to everything you’ll need in this one email. If you want to know more about her, there’s literally hundreds of episodes of MarieTV to get you up to speed.

#2: She never misses a weekly email.

Marie is a content machine. I’ve been on her list for years and I think the only time she misses an email is during the holidays when she and her team take time off. Marie knows consistency builds trust.

For smaller businesses who don’t have a team, a welcome sequence is a great way to ensure new subscribers have a great experience — even if your regular emails are inconsistent. But Marie delivers high quality, high value content every single week without fail. She doesn’t need a welcome sequence as a buffer in case she doesn’t email her list for a month. At her level, that doesn’t happen.

#3: Marie’s business model is different than most.

B-School, her flagship program, only opens once a year. Most of the time, you can’t buy anything from Marie. In this way, her weekly emails act like a year-long nurture sequence. She doesn’t need automated nurture emails because she sends them every week.


So does this mean you can forget the welcome sequence? Not so fast.

Most people aren’t Marie Forleo. You may still want a welcome sequence for a number of reasons.

A welcome sequence is a great way to help a new subscriber get to know you. If you don’t have the reputation of a Marie Forleo, your welcome sequence can tell your story, share your expertise, and show your new subscribers how you can help them.

You can also create a welcome sequence/sales sequence hybrid, which can bring you sales all year round.

Final Thoughts

Marie Forleo probably doesn’t need a welcome sequence. But you and I probably do. Even if it’s only a few emails, a welcome sequence goes a long way towards building a solid relationship with your subscribers. When done well, a strategic welcome sequence can give you higher open rates, better engagement, and more sales in the long term.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Now I’d love to hear from you.

What are your biggest takeaways from this email teardown? Any lessons you’ll be using in your own emails?

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