At the beginning of November I challenged myself to send an email every weekday for a whole month. And I made it!

Originally I gave myself this challenge because I was feeling uninspired. When it came to writing for my own list I was drawing a blank. I wanted to push myself to get creative and start having fun with email again.

But to be completely transparent…I was a little nervous to start sending so many emails. I wasn’t sure how my list would react, especially since people weren’t used to hearing from me so often.

So silly, right?! How many times have I told you to stop letting fear hold you back and just send the email?

Last month I took my own advice. I hit send 22 times. Here’s what happened.

Let’s talk about the bad first…

I expected a spike in unsubscribes, both because of the number of emails and the amount of promotion I was doing in each email.

Over the course of the month I had 32 people unsubscribe. That works out to about 1.45 per email.

It was way less than I was expecting. Looking back at the history of my list, I’ve had anywhere from 0 to 10 unsubscribes per email. So 1-2 unsubscribes per email isn’t bad at all!

I also I got my first complaint email this month. She told me I was hitting too hard, coming across as too salesy, and wearing out my list.

But…she was the only person to complain. I was expecting more pushback, but my subscribers seemed to like the new direction!

Overall, the feedback from my list was positive. I had people replying to my emails, asking questions, and thanking me for sharing the content.

But the best thing to come out of this is that I’m feeling inspired again! I started this wondering how I was going to come up with ideas for a whole month of content. I was sure I would run out of ideas before the end.

But I didn’t. Every day it seems like I get 2-3 new ideas for emails. I’ve got a whole file of ideas I can pick from any time I’ve got an email to write. It’s made the whole process easier and way more fun.

This challenge proved to me that email is the copy I want to write. I love writing short, to the point content. Long form sales pages, video scripts, and epic blog posts can go to other copywriters. I’ll be over here having a blast writing fun and engaging emails that make sales :)

Now that the challenge is over, I don’t know if I’ll keep up the daily emails forever. But I’ll still email my list several times a week.

I’m doing some planning for 2018 this month, so we’ll see how email marketing fits into my overall strategy. (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a major part since 60% of my clients in 2017 came from my email list.)

If you enjoyed my emails in November, I hope you stick around for what’s next!

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