Welcome to another email teardown!

These posts will give you an inside peek into what’s happening in email today. We’ll be looking at email funnels from top marketers, breaking down each email, and analyzing what’s going on with the copy and strategy.

Today’s subject is one of my favorite email marketers — the inimitable Tarzan Kay. (If you’re not on her email list yet, get on it!)

I’m a big Tarzan fan. I’ve followed her story for years, taken her courses, and last year I was part of her Email Stars mastermind. Tarzan is one of my favorite email marketers to learn from because she always seems to know what’s new before everyone else. She works with top brass clients, knows what’s going on in the industry, and isn’t afraid to try things out with her own list.

I wanted to spotlight an affiliate promotion in a teardown because affiliate marketing is a great way to add extra revenue to your business without adding a ton of extra work. You don’t have to deliver on the product, deal with customer service issues, or field refund requests. All you have to do it promote it.

Tarzan is a great one to study for affiliate sales because she knows how to do a lot with a small list. Most big affiliate programs are super competitive and put you up against people with giant lists. That’s not a problem for Tarzan. Even up against industry leaders with tens of thousands of subscribers, Tarzan made it on the leaderboard with a four-figure list during this promotion.

So what makes Tarzan’s emails so special? Let’s take a look.

The stats:

18 emails sent over 16 days

  • 4 emails on cart close day

9 day cart open period

Course price: $1497

Type of funnel: affiliate promo for a live launch

Let’s dive into the emails!

Email #1: [LIVE MASTERCLASS] Launching in 2019?

In the first email of the campaign, Tarzan shares an invite to Amy Porterfield’s Live Masterclass.

A few things stand out in this email.

Those first few lines highlight Amy’s impressive numbers and prove she’s an authority in the digital course space. If you’re planning to launch a course in 2019, you’d be smart to learn from Amy’s past mistakes and save yourself the negative return on investment.

Then there’s this little call out:

Tarzan is Amy’s copywriter. If you have a personal connection with the person you’re promoting, share it! It gives you more credibility and can help you stand out if there’s a ton of other affiliates competing for the same sale.  

Tarzan also makes it clear that Amy’s going to be talking about her new course during this masterclass. But look at how she frames it as something highly anticipated, not just a sales pitch you’ll have to sit through to get to the Q+A portion.

She also gives people the option to opt-out of this promo sequence but stay on her main list. It’s a great way to cut down on unsubscribes, which tend to be high during a big promo like this. People get sick of seeing the same thing from all the affiliates they’re subscribed to and start looking for the unsubscribe link. Include this option in every email to keep your subscribers from totally leaving your world during long promotions.

Email #2: You’re 12 Months Away From A $1Million Business

I love this email. Just look at that subject line. You expect it to some sort of clickbait-y internet marketing bullshit. But it’s not.

Tarzan shares the story of a client that followed Amy Porterfield’s courses to the letter and reached that million dollar milestone within a year. It’s an incredible story.

It also shows how powerful Amy’s work is. If you want to launch a course, you’d better get on that webinar!

Email #3: Unveiled Tomorrow —> Amy’s brand new program

Look at Tarzan breaking the rules! She teases Amy’s upcoming course and invites us to sign up for the masterclass to be the first to hear all about it.

I love how Tarzan’s given her subscribers a code emoji to drop in the chat. It’s such a fun way to inspire some extra engagement. It also makes Tarzan look really good. If there’s a sea of 👋 in the chat, it shows that the people she’s sending to Amy are attending live and participating. An affiliate who can delivered engaged attendees is an affiliate you want promoting your program.

Email #4: *Surprise inside* what you get when you sign up to Digital Course Academy today

The doors are open, so it’s time to reveal the bonuses. In this email, Tarzan hints at the insane amount of goodies people get when they buy through her link, including a limited offer.

By including an offer with limited spots, there’s extra urgency to buy early. Typically during a launch you’ll have a spike of sales at the beginning and another rush at the end. The middle gets tricky. (But don’t worry, Tarzan’s got something for that too.)

Tarzan uses the P.S. to enforce the scarcity. This course will be closing at the end of this enrollment period. No buying it later on evergreen like Amy’s done in the past.  

Email #5: That was fast! 12 spots added.

The following morning, Tarzan sends out another email about her limited time bonus. It was so popular that it demanded a second session be added.

This is a short email, but it’s doing A LOT.

It shows that the offer is popular. So popular that it’s selling way faster than she anticipated.

It cranks up the urgency. This offer sold out once. There are only 12 more spots. It’s definitely going to sell out again. If you want it, you’d better buy now.

It frames buying early as a good trait. She calls them action-takers, a moniker many would be proud to wear.

It’s got a reference that I don’t understand (is that from Game of Thrones?), but I love it anyway!

I’ve already used this email for a client’s launch. It’s so good.

Email #6: Small group coaching from Amy Porterfield? Yes, please.

The cart is still open, but at this point we’re switching gears. In this email Tarzan is promoting the live workshop she’s co-hosting with Amy Porterfield.

The content is similar to Amy’s masterclass but tailored to Tarzan’s audience. It also includes a special pre-show Q+A.

It only takes a few extra minutes of your time, but this is a great strategy for getting people to show up early for your webinar. If you made the pre-show exclusive to live attendees, it makes a great incentive to get registrants to show up instead of waiting for the replay.

Email #7: meet me in Niagara Falls? [Live Event Bonus]

Tarzan drops a surprise bonus and it’s epic.

When you sign up through her link, you’ll get an invite to her next live event.

This email almost got me… because I was at her first live event and it was legendary. The work we did that weekend is still causing waves in my business.

She shares some of what happened at the last event and shares that the price of the ticket will be similar to the price of the course. If you know you want one, why not get both? It almost got me to pull out my credit card. (But I’m on a self-imposed course diet for now based on the advice Tarzan gave me at her live event!)

In the P.S. Tarzan mentions the live workshop again and promises to answer any questions about the live event. She also drops some testimonials from attendees of the last live event to add social proof that it’s worth the trip to Niagara. (The view alone was worth the trek!)

Email #8: Attendees-only bonus

In this email we’ve got another invite to the live workshop with an extra incentive. Tarzan’s big bonus stack is getting even bigger. There will be an exclusive bonus just for those on the live call. Here’s that mid-cart bonus to help beat the mid-launch lull.

Tarzan highlights the main topics she and Amy will cover in the workshop and adds that it’s been customized to her audience. Someone who’s seriously considering joining DCA but hasn’t jumped in yet knows this won’t be a straight replay of the webinar they’ve already seen.

Tarzan points out another benefit of this workshop: the small size. Amy’s main webinars will have thousands of attendees. Tarzan’s audience is smaller, which means you have a better chance of your question being seen and answered.  

Email #9: I get nervous when people ask me this

If copywriting formulas leave you scratching your head, pay attention to this email. It’s a classic example of PAS, aka Problem, Agitate, Solve.

Tarzan starts by presenting the problem: people want to sell courses, but don’t know where to start. Notice how she frames it as a story. She doesn’t just say “this is your problem.” It’s more way more engaging this way.

Then she agitates by outlining the dismal launch results that happen to so many people who try to sell a course online. She gets really specific here. She uses quotes. Those may even be things you’ve actually thought if you’ve been through this experience. It’s super tangible. You can feel the frustration.

Then she presents the solution: Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. It’s the all-in-one solution you need to go from clueless to course creator.

Tarzan also brings up the guarantee in this email. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. This helps reduce the risk for the buyer so they feel confident giving it shot. If you offer a guarantee, definitely include it in your launch emails.

In the P.S. Tarzan shares the value load you get when you sign up for her link. This is the first time we’ve seen it all in an email. Even though it’s on the sales page, it’s good to repeat it here in case someone doesn’t click the link.

We’re halfway through the promo! There are 9 more emails left in this sequence (including one so intriguing I actually emailed Tarzan to ask how it worked for her.)

Check back next week for Part 2 to see how Tarzan closes this thing out.

Continue reading Part 2 here

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