Stumped on how to write an email subject? I’ve got you covered with a quick copywriting tip! Read this post (or watch the video) to learn my favorite words for subject lines. Use these 2 magic words in your subject line to boost your open rates and get more subscribers reading your emails!

This week we’re talking all about subject lines. Subject lines play a big role in whether your email gets opened or just ignored among all of the other noise in a crowded inbox. 

So what do you actually say to stop the scroll, stand out in that chaotic inbox, and get your subscribers to open and read your emails?

There are two magic words you can include in your subject lines that grab attention.

Magic Word #1: You 

What makes “you” such a great word for subject lines? Well, it’s the thing that your subscribers are the most interested in — themselves! We are all our favorite subjects, and we all love hearing something that’s about ourselves. 

You want to make sure your emails are relevant to your subscribers. Including “you” in the subject line makes the email really about them.

Let’s go through a few examples of how you might use the word “you” in your subject lines. 

Here are a few subject lines that I sent to my list and the open rates they got: 

Question for you – 44.5% open rate

What if you got 800 new subscribers in 2 days? – 44.7% open rate

If you’re forgetful, you’re going to love this – 44.6% open rate

Now let’s talk about the second magic word you can use in your email subject lines.

Magic Word #2: This

You can also use “that” or “something” or “this thing.” Basically, you want to leave some mystery in your subject lines so that they have to open the email to see what it is that you’re talking about. 

Build a little curiosity with your subject lines instead of giving it all away before they open the email. When they read your subject line, you want your subscribers to think, “Hmm, what is she talking about?” 

If you told them everything they needed to know right in the subject line, they wouldn’t need to open the email to get the takeaway. They could just see oh, okay, got it, and go right past you in their inbox. 

Let’s go through a few more examples from emails that I’ve sent to my list using this technique and show you some ways that you can use it for your own business. 

Read this if you’re trying to fill your membership site – 38.4% open rate

Don’t use this in your subject line, please! – 42.1% open rate

THIS is why you need an engaged email list – 43.2% open rate

Something you might notice is all of those subject lines also use the word “you” in them. So these two words show up a lot in great subject lines.

Those are two magic words that you can include in any subject line to help boost your open rates and get more of your subscribers opening and reading your emails! 

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